The Masters Salon

The Masters: The Masters Experience

From the moment you walk into The Masters you will enjoy an experience like no other.

When you arrive you are greeted with a smile and a happy atmosphere. We immediately want you to feel comfortable in our salon. One of our professional team members will give you a brief tour of our home before we begin our consultation with you. After your consultation is completed, we will prepare you for a relaxing shampoo and head massage, before we begin your transformation.

Your Master Stylist takes great pride in their work and will ensure that your style is exactly what you envisioned. Once they have completed your transformation, they will show and explain to you the products they used to create their masterpiece. The Masters stylists will then teach you how to achieve the same amazing look from your own home so that you always look your best wherever you are.

Upon finishing up your time with us, we will answer any questions that you have and wrap up with a heartfelt thank you because we truly do appreciate serving you! .

Finally, if you ever need some tips or would like to go over your styling process again, you are more than welcome to come back and visit. We are here for you today as well as tomorrow.