The Masters Salon

The Masters: The Leadership Team

Brett Pierce, CEO

Brett Pierce is the CEO and President of The Masters. He focuses on managing the salon as well as mentoring team members in business practices. Brett has over 20 years experience as a hair color specialist and continues to teach others how to excel in hair color theory and application. He also consults on products and how to achieve the desired look their clients are after.

Brett was an educator for Goldwell of North America and has served the community through his involvements as well as serving as a board member of the North Alabama Better Business Bureau. He is also a Certified Strategies Coach through Strategies. As a CSC, Brett coaches companies to reach their full potential through customer relations and financial growth.


Shelby Zimmermann, Vice President

Shelby Zimmermann is Vice President of The Masters and is the Artistic Director for The Masters. She has over 30 years experience in exceptional styling and haircutting. Shelby was the first American to win the World Championships at the student level and has received numerous certificates with Strategies, a company focused on client experience and company growth.

Shelby Zimmermann recently assisted with hair design on the The Hunger Games, Catching Fire movie series.


Ann Bray

Ann was the first American female to ever win The World Championships in hairstyling and is a 2006 North American Hairstyist Award winner. Mrs. Bray was Knighted in Paris for her years of passion and excellence in the hair fashion industry.

In 2013, Ann was chosen to create and perform the hair styles for The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and continued to work with the series by performing duties for the third and the fourth installments of the Hunger Games movies. Her “movie hair” work doesn’t stop there. As well as working with the opening acts of the Grammy’s, Ann is in high demand and is often requested for top films today.

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