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About the Masters Experience

We Are Team Service!

“To look beautiful, you must be beautifully treated.” –The Masters

From the moment you enter The Masters Salon, you’ll feel the difference. We believe in team service … not “me” service. Instead of feeling “married” to one stylist, the skills of our entire team are here to serve you.

You’ll see The Masters’ team working together to deliver your ideal customer experience. Our commitment to “team service” means we do whatever it takes to make you feel and look beautiful.

It means being cared for by a number of team members – each with the specific skills you require – to meet all of your beauty needs or just to ensure your services are wrapped up on time.

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The Masters Is A Team-Based Pay Salon.

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The Masters Is A Team-Based Pay Salon.

Unlike most salons that pay commission, The Masters’ team is paid a salary, a very nice salary. This means no matter no matter what, booked or not, our employees are being paid.

That’s why at The Masters, you are the center of attention. Our team members consult and advise you honestly and professionally.

This is our approach to team-service. This is how we make you beautiful by treating you beautifully.

It’s All About Our Passion

The Masters Salon has long been Huntsville Alabama’s beauty destination, and we take our name seriously.

We are passionate about what we do. We are dedicated to making and keeping you beautiful each and every visit — and in between

Our color, haircuts and styling techniques are some of the best you will ever experience. From customized color, vibrant to subtle blonde weaves and foils, specialized balayage techniques, and men’s and women’s precision haircuts, the talented team of hair stylists at The Masters salon will be sure to make you feel and look beautiful.

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Excellence— It’s A Family Thing

In 1973, The Masters hair salon answered Huntsville Alabama’s call for a better way to have their hair cut, colored, and styled. Gary and Ann Bray created The Masters to do what other Huntsville hair salons would not – teach clients how to style their own hair. As Huntsville’s very own visionary duo with an innovative mindset, they made The Masters an industry benchmark for creative excellence.

Ann and Gary circled the globe and amazed the world of hair with their talents at hair competitions and by educating others. As award-winning competitorsand trend setters, their training was in high demand from countries around the world.

As our founder, Ann Bray continues to educate and direct the talented team at The Masters. Ann Bray has been known for her work on many box office hit movies including The Hunger Games, In Dubious Battle, Live by Night, Jumanji — Welcome to the Jungle, The Glorias, to name a few. She is always “in production” somewhere.

The legacy that Ann and Gary created lives on through their children, Shelby Zimmermann, a master stylist/VP, and Brett Pierce, a hair color mentor/CEO. Shelby and Brett continue The Masters’ legacy by educating, inspiring and leading their team of skilled professionals.