Since 1973, our fashion sense and exceptional service has set The Masters apart. Gone are the days when hairstyles were achieved weekly in a salon—and we take responsibility for that. Our founders, Ann and Gary Bray, revolutionized the industry by showing our guests how to achieve the looks we create at home, using simple, but professional techniques. Our expert advice and trend-forecasting eyes disrupted the industry at our opening—and it hasn’t stopped since.


The Masters was founded by Ann and Gary Bray—a visionary duo with an innovative mindset. Meeting at a hair styling competition, the couple went from competitors to team members—ultimately leading to their marriage. The pair traveled the globe in their world of competitions, Gary having the opportunity to coach the 1978 and 1984 USA teams. In 1978, Ann became the first American female to win the World Championship of Hair Dressing—causing their talents to go global. From Korea to Australia, Mexico to Iceland, the couple shared their extensive knowledge of the craft—and here in Huntsville, Alabama, we continue to experience their world of expertise.

Most recently, Ann became knighted in Paris for her passion and achievements, and was named a NAHA winner in 2006—both bittersweet wins after Gary’s passing. She was also involved in the hair designs for three installments of “The Hunger Games” series (“Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay,” Parts 1 and 2).

Ann continues her career here at The Masters as a trainer, mentor and artistic guide.